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Taryn T Papillon

Young inspiring artist enjoying taking my passion for art and turning it into a business. i have a 6 year old daughter that pushes me everyday to be the best i can be. Shortly after having my child i became a Cement mason focusing on my future career. I created my first piece "Proud Family Jacket" a coat i found at the thrift store and later made into what i call my first master piece. Which made me decide to create something much bigger turning into TTP Collections. I wanted to honor my last name Papillon and make my first collection personal and close to home. That is where Butterfly Collection was created and soon i will have many collections ranging in themes. I hope you follow me through my journey with my collections and enjoy my work as much as i do.

Art With Passion

I am confident that my wide selection of paintings showcases my creativity and passion for art. Come and visit the gallery, where you will see that each of my paintings has a story to tell. Should you buy a piece, I hope that you will be inspired by it and that you will feel the same passion that I felt when creating these unique pieces of art.

My Services

From conception to completion, my services will bring you all the way from the first idea to the final piece. Whether you need a painting on canvas, shoes, clothes or tie dye i take my time to understand your vision and help add my own twist of creativity to elevate the piece. I'm the artist for you: and unlike the stereotype, I always work to deadline and for a competitive rate. To request a quotation, please get in touch via the details provided.

FB Reviews

I had the Butterfly Collection do my overalls and I must say they turnt out way better than I thought and and expected. Kudos to you 

Richard DuBois

Excellent experience! My son loves Sponge Bob, wrestling & camo and has always wanted too see Sponge Bob in a singlet lol. So he was beyond thrilled to be surprised to see it in person!!!...

Rachael Perry

Bought some great quality socks, comfy and not expensive at all for custom socks! Highly recommend, looking forward to getting more apparel from the Butterfly Collection 🦋 

Marcel Dimon

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Seattle, Tacoma,

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